Who we are

Anam Comptabilité

For more than 11 years, Anam Impôts has helped clients prepare and file tax returns that take all available credits into account. That’s what we’re about.


1. Founded in 2010

Anam Comptabilité (Anam Accounting) was created in 2020 when its founder, Ali-Nour Abdi, started filing tax returns for friends and family.

In 2012, demand grew to the point where it opened its first office on Boulevard Saint-Joseph in Gatineau.

2. New services

The company added new services over time and eventually outgrew its offices and moved to Boulevard Gréber. It incorporated as Groupe Anam Inc. in June 2015.

In October 2017 it created Anam Comptabilité Inc., a subsidiary of Anam Group Inc. that specializes in bookkeeping and taxes.

3. COVID-19 pandemic and online services

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has severely affected our country and communities, we decided to specialize in personal income tax and let clients submit documents and meet with specialists online.

To this end we’ve invested in a user-friendly, secure website where clients can set up their own accounts.

4. Today

Today we have up to 10 employees in tax season and serve thousands of clients. With our first-rate service and highly qualified staff, the future looks bright.

Our Team

Our mission

Build lasting client relationships with the aid of highly skilled, accessible, and approachable staff.

Help clients meet their tax goals and claim all their credits.

Our values

1. Loyalty

We’ve built our business on the valued loyalty of clients and staff and are fiercely loyal in return.

2. Honesty

We believe strong relationships are built on honesty and that truth and facts will light the way.

3. Professionalism / service quality

We’ve built our name and success on first-rate work and attention to detail. In our profession, quality is everything.

4. Client experience and satisfaction

We spare no effort to ensure clients have a pleasant experience and first-rate service that goes the extra mile.

5. Personal development

The workplace must support personal development by giving staff a pleasant and engaging environment. A good rapport between colleagues and fair work conditions can help achieve this.

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